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  • Mobility

    A wide range of products that are vital for transportation vehicles, including lightweight, high-function automotive glass.

  • Automobile/Transportation equipment
  • Architecture/Social infrastructure

    Building materials that contribute to the creation of safe and pleasant spaces, and industrial materials that strengthen social infrastructure.

  • Architectural material
  • Infrastructure/General industry
  • Communication/Other
  • Electronics

    Materials and components for electronic equipment used in various business situations.

  • Display/Image
  • Illumination/Optics
  • Electricity/Electronics
  • Environment

    Components and technologies that contribute to achieving smart cities and smart mobility.

  • Energy
  • Life related

    Products and raw materials that bring comfort and convenience to daily life.

  • Home appliance/Daily commodities/Food industry
  • Life Science

    Pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, as well as materials used for equipment and facilities in the field of life science.

  • Life Science