When LEDs are used in high power applications, the amount of heat they generate increases. However, GCHP improves the durability of LEDs through a wide range of wavelengths, including the IR~UV bands and enables them to be used for high-power applications, as they are more reliable than conventional resin and alumina substrates in terms of heat dissipation and discoloration. In addition, its reflectivity is from 20 to 30% higher than that of alumina substrates, so intensity may be increased effectively.


  • Exterior lighting
  • Street lamps
  • Tunnel lights
  • In-vehicle lighting
  • Factory lighting
  • UV lighting
  • Plant lighting
  • LED lighting is highly effective for saving electricity, and applications for it have been expanding from low-power products, such as general indoor lights and backlights for cellular phones and LCD TVs, to high-power products including automobile interior and exterior lighting, factory lighting, street lamps, tunnel lights and other outdoor lighting.

    The Superiority of GCHPTM Glass-Ceramics Substrates as seen in an LED Package Cross Section