This product is applied to the touch-panels and cover-glass for mobile electronic devices, such as smart-phones, tablet PCs and notebook PCs. AGC's 0.23mm thin soda-lime glass has already been adopted on the market, and development for thinner glass is also in progress.

AGC provides polished synthetic fused silica products based on high-quality starting materials and advanced technologies of ultra-high-precision processing, polishing, and cleaning.


  • Photomask Substrate for Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Glass Wafer for various applications (Display Devices・ RF Devices ・MEMSs・Bio-related products・Optical Waveguide etc.)
  • Template for Nano-Imprint Lithography
  • Optical Component (Lens material・Window material・Prism material etc.)
  • Other Various types of Processed material

    Synthetic fused silica photomask substrates

    AGC’s semiconductor photomask substrates cover a range of 4 to 9 inch sizes, mainly the 6025 size, with i-ray and KrF grades, ArF grade, and ArF immersion grade available.

    Surface roughness: Super-polishing Ra ≦0.2 nm possible
    Surface defects: Zero assured for immobile surface defects greater than 0.15μm in size (as tested by an automatic defect inspection machine)
    Flatness: Up to 0.3μm (in-plane) assured for the 6025 size

    Synthetic quartz wafers

    Diameters up to 300 mm (12 inches) and thicknesses down to 0.25 mm are available. Typical specifications are shown below. Processing with higher precision is also possible.

    Φ3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″, 12″
    Diameter tolerance
    ±0.1 to 0.2mm
    Thickness tolerance
    ±10 to 50μm
    Surface roughness
    Ra≦0.2 to 5nm
    ≦20 to 45μm
    Total thickness variation (TTV)
    ≦3 to 10μm