Brand statement A new compass to guide 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页: “Your Dreams, Our Challenge”.
To bring a richer, fuller world into being.

A phrase to connect 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 and the world

On July 1, 2018, Asahi Glass changed its company name from Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. to 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 Inc., and established a brand statement which will be central to all communications from the 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 Group: “Your Dreams, Our Challenge.”
Never take the easy way out, but confront difficulties
Trust is the best way to inspire people
Strive to develop technologies that will change the world
A sense of mission leads us to advance
For more than a century, 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 has been guided by these founding spirits. Our unique materials, solutions and reliable partnerships have facilitated leading innovations across diverse industries and markets. Today, by working with others to combine knowledge and advanced technology, we help make ever greater achievements possible, and bring bolder ideas to life.
Thoughts behind “Your Dreams, Our Challenge”

CEO Interview

More than 900 phrases from staff boiled down to one essential notion

This phrase represents 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页’s determination to contribute to the development of society by playing a part in enabling a richer, fuller life with greater comfort. Takuya Shimamura, 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 Group CEO, shared his thoughts on the aspirations behind these words.
More than 900 phrases from staff boiled down to one essential notion

ーーYou have a new brand statement, “Your Dreams, Our Challenge”. What role do you expect this phrase will play?

“Your Dreams, Our Challenge” expresses the core of the 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 brand ideal in simple words. For external stakeholders, it clarifies the value that the 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 Group aims to realize, and for 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 group members, it serves as a guide in realizing “Our Mission”.
龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页’s Group Vision, “Look Beyond”, defines 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页’s mission of “龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页, an everyday essential part of our world.” To realize this mission, we believed it was necessary to come up with a statement to share with all group members around the world. Going forward, “Your Dreams, Our Challenge” will be this statement, to guide all employees in the 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 Group.

ーーHow did this brand statement come about?

We invited everyone in the 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 Group to send in their ideas and held a vote to decide from over 900 ideas, from Europe, the Americas, and Asia. I was also part of the final decision where we selected “Your Dreams, Our Challenge”. This phrase represents 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页’s determination to contribute to society by providing products for greater comfort.
Passing on the founding spirit that has been passed down through the generations for 110 years
龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 Group’s Founding Spirit
  • Never take the easy way out, but confront difficulties
  • Trust is the best way to inspire people
  • Strive to develop technologies that will change the world
  • A sense of mission leads us to advance

ーーThe 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 Group has a spirit of challenge. Where does it come from?

龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页’s spirit of challenge mirrors the passion of 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页’s founder, Toshiya Iwasaki, who was the first to succeed in the production of flat glass in Japan. In the early 1900s, as more brick buildings were built in Japan, the country was dependent on imports for sheet glass. Seeing this, Iwasaki decided to commit himself to developing a sheet glass industry in Japan, and promptly went about doing so. “Your Dreams, Our Challenge” also encapsulates the commitment of our founder, who was eager to take on challenges to enrich people’s lives. For over 110 years, our predecessors have overcome challenges and established relationships of trust with customers. They supported the leading companies of their day with 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页’s unique materials and solutions, including window glass, automotive glass, display glass, electronic components, chemicals, and ceramics. All of these achievements have resulted in 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页’s successful businesses today. The Founding Spirit incorporated into the story of the new brand statement was passed down from previous generations and is still alive among us today.
Work on new challenges with everyone at 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 to lead to winning further trust

ーーThe new brand statement is expected to serve as a guide, not only for passing on the Founding Spirit, but also for the 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 Group to become what it aspires to be. What are the benefits and value that you wish to realize by having this brand statement?

This brand statement is shared with all group members around the world. It is what will be in our minds when we perform daily tasks or approach new challenges, regardless of what country, region, or business we are in, fueling our drive to create new value. We also hope to actively communicate this to our stakeholders, including our customers, to further solidify their trust in the 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 Group.

ーーLastly, what is the 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 Group’s vision for the future?

The world has now reached a new stage, entering an age that no one could have foreseen. Regardless, the 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 Group is determined to pull its strength together with all the technology amassed over the years to develop products and services useful to people everywhere around the world. To play a key role in this new world with its established presence, the 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 Group will continue to combine knowledge and technology from both inside and outside the Group, pushing the envelope to help shape the future of our dreams.

The new brand statement, “Your Dreams, Our Challenge” is a distillation of the 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 Group’s aspirations, hopes and dreams. The 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 Group will position this at the center of communications connecting 龙8国际娱乐官方老虎机_龙8国际官网首页 to the world, to create new value and innovation for the future.