Procurement Policy

Procurement policy and field, etc. of AGC is published.

AGC Purchasing Policy

AGC values the Group Vision "Look Beyond" and the "AGC Group Charter of Corporate Behavior" and will regulate our performances on purchasing which are explicitly stated in the following "AGC Purchasing Policy".

  • Basic Purchasing Principle
  • Fair & Equitable trade

    Our procurement policy is to consistently search for innovative technologies, products, and services with a "Fair" and "Equitable" manner globally.

  • Compliance to related Laws & Regulations, and Pro-environment behavior

    AGC will comply with the applicable laws and regulations of each country where our procurement takes place, and give due regard to safety and environment.

  • Partnership

    AGC will establish a long-term, mutual prosperous partnership, based on our shared vision, to produce a better product with our business partners.
    To this end, we shall endeavor to keep close communication with our business partners to build and enhance our trusting relationship.

  • Protection of information, intellectual property, and other assets

    AGC will properly manage and protect the proprietary information, intellectual property, and assets of our business partners while procuring goods and services.

  • Criteria for Selecting Business Partners

    AGC will apply key criteria to evaluate and select business partners, as follows.

  • Sound management, Steady supply, and Flexibility to match with the fluctuating demand.
  • Appropriate Quality, Pricing, Delivery date punctuality, and technical service level.
  • Expectation of Business Partners

    AGC strives to be a company trusted by all its stakeholders, a company that meets the expectations of the world business community to grow and develop responsibility, and a company that significantly contributes to a healthier global society.
    Essentially, CSR activities are performed on voluntary basis initiated by each individual company.
    However, for AGC, to pursue the CSR policy, it is imperative for all the supply-chain linked companies to pursue their individual CSR activities as well. Accordingly, in order for us to jointly work with our business partners, we kindly ask our partners to understand and cooperate with our policy.
    The factors related with our Business Partners are,

  • Concentrate on supplying products and services with good quality, considering Safety & Environment and Compliance to Laws & Regulations of each country,
  • Security and proper management of Proprietary information and Intellectual property.
  • Not to be engaged in forced labor or child labor and never tolerate infringements of human rights.
  • Make efforts for environment preservation and ensure safety and security.
  • Maintain adequate level of occupational health and safety.